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  • Chef Tim Hollingworth: Yam Porridge

    Executive Chef at world-renowned restaurant Otium in Los Angeles, and former Chef de Cuisine at The French Laundry in Napa, Chef Tim Hollingsworth shares his passion for cooking and the Thermomix. ...

  • Cookidoo® International Recipe Platform

    Watch and see how easy it is to plan your meals with the new Thermomix® Recipe Platform! Want more information? Come visit us online at

  • Get Cooking with Cook-key® in 4 easy steps

      Learn to cook with your Cook-Key® and Cookidoo® in 4 easy steps with this new video, then visit us at to access more than 70,000 recipes. Happy cooking!


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  • What is the Vorwerk-Thermomix® Toll free number?

    The toll-free line for Customer Service is 888-867-9375.  Agents are available Mon-Fri 6am-6pm, Saturdays 7-3:30pm Pacific Time. We have agents available in English and Spanish. If you speak other ...

  • Thermomix Measuring Cup - Safety Announcement August 2022

    Explanation of the safety warning message   The measuring cup that is used as the standard Thermomix® TM6 (black) is inserted in such a way that it sits firmly in place. This prevents the measuring...

  • How do I clean my THERMOMIX® Noir -limited edition?

    Care Instructions    To maintain the long-lasting appeal of the black shell, please follow these care instructions:     Only clean the surface with a soft, damp cloth - for example use a microfibe...

  • Why did my knife turn black?

    The discoloration is completely harmless, with no effects on biocompatibility, hygiene, function and lifetime of the Mixing Knife. The discoloration, which is a passivation layer, might occur after...

  • My Varoma lid does not sit flat

      Not to worry, once the lid heats up while in use it should sit flat and create a seal making the Varoma lid and dish an effective steamer. If you find that your lid does not seal properly during ...

  • Can I Finance The Purchase Of Thermomix Care Powered By Extend?

      If you purchase the protection plan alongside the purchase of a TM6™, you will be able to finance the entire purchase. However, if you purchase the protection plan after the purchase of a TM6™ ha...

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