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  • TM5 Mushroom Risotto

    Want to see the Thermomix® TM5 in action? Check out this beautiful example of how easy it is to make a restaurant-style dish- Mushroom Risotto with Parmesan cheese Risotto TM5    

  • The Thermomix® TM5


  • Thermomix®: 12 Kitchen Appliances in 1

    What is Thermomix®? This video shows you in 15 seconds. Want to learn more? Come visit us now at

  • Thermomix® TM5 Unboxing

  • Thermomix: Cookidoo®

    Our Recipe Platform Cookidoo ® is an online treasure trove of official Thermomix ® recipes that will help you get even more out of your Thermomix ®. It will help you organize yourself better too – ...

  • Thermomix® for Kids

    With the new Thermomix® for Kids, children's dreams of helping Mom and Dad in the kitchen comes true. You can pick up yours today (while supplies last) Happy Cooking!   

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  • What are the heating issue troubleshooting steps?

    To test the precise heating function the user needs a dry, empty mixing bowl with the heat dial set to 250 F speed 1. If the temperature reaches 250 F between 2-3 minutes, the precise heating funct...