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  • Important Safeguards

    Read all instructions WARNING Not intended for use by children. • The Thermomix® TM5 is a kitchen appliance intended for use at home or in similar environments. Children must not be allowed to play...

  • Is there a thin plastic cover on the touchscreen of a new TM5?

    Yes. New TM5s come with a protective cover that needs to be removed before use.  If the cover is not removed, the screen can seem unresponsive.

  • What accessories are included with a Thermomix®?

    Thermomix® comes with a complete set of accessories so you can get cooking right out of the box. This includes: - Cook-key® a wifi enabled the accessory to sync to our Cookidoo® online recipe platf...

  • Is it easy to clean a Thermomix®?

    Cleaning the Thermomix® after cooking is very simple. If there is food residue inside the bowl, pour a little water into the bowl along with a drop or two of detergent, then turn it on at level 10 ...

Cookidoo® & Cook-key®

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