What Can a Thermomix Do?

Thermomix combines the functions of more than twelve kitchen appliances into one easy-to-clean compact unit. It can weigh, mix, chop, grind, knead, blend, whip, emulsify, heat, steam, cook and stir.

The Thermomix is perfect for preparing daily meals for the family, making an occasional snack or spoiling guests with fancy recipes − with Thermomix, it can all be done quickly and efficiently. The spectrum ranges from simply boiling eggs and making salad dressings and dips to pesto, steamed fish, risotto and ice cream.

A Thermomix can also be used to crush ice, make bread and pastry dough, cake mixes, or blend refreshing smoothies and shakes. With over 1.4 million units sold worldwide in 2015 you can see why the Thermomix has millions and millions of enthusiastic users and is the most popular cooking device of its type in the world.


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