What if the scale in a TM5 is not working properly? (This could be the scale jumping from 0 to max, the weight fluctuating without additional ingredients, or the weight amount doesn’t seem right.)

In this scenario, place the empty mixing bowl in the cradle of the TM5 without the measuring cup.  Tare the scale.  Check to see if the cup weighs 40 g (1.4 oz).  If not, turn off and unplug the TM5 and do the following:

  • Clean the feet of the TM5 by tilting the TM5 side to side, cleaning 2 feet at a time. Use a warm soapy towel to gently clean any debris from the feet. 
  • Make sure the TM5 is on an even, solid surface.
  • Make sure the power cord is not kinked, stretched or strained.
  • Make sure that nothing is touching the TM5; if anything, like a cookbook or bag of ingredients, leans against the TM5, it will influence the scales and cause them to not work correctly.

If the scale still does not seem to be working correctly, call Service at 888-867-9375 for next steps. 


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