How does one troubleshoot the Wi-Fi connection when the TM5 has been successfully configured but Cook-Key cannot connect?

Check the error code on the display on the TM5 and follow the instructions. If Cook-Key still cannot connect:
1. Make sure the internet connection is working properly.
2. Make sure that Wi-Fi connectivity is enabled on the router and the Thermomix TM5 with Cook-Key is within range of the Wi-Fi.
3. Make sure that no changes have been applied, such as modifying the name (SSID) or Wi-Fi password of the router. In case changes have been made to the Wi-Fi, please delete and reconfigure the Wi-Fi settings on the Thermomix TM5.
4. If the Thermomix TM5 shows "Please try again later" and the issue persists, please contact customer service at 888-867-9375.


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